360 Feedback Cost

Cost for all INSIGHTMirror 360 Assessments

“INSIGHTMirror is the most reasonably priced feature-rich 360 assessment we are aware of.” -Training News


Quantity Price Per Item
1 – 4 $85.00
5 – 99 $95.00
100 – 499 $70.00
500 – 100 $60.00
  •   Each Leader (Assesse) can invite as many Raters (Assessors) as they wish.
  • Price includes our Award Winning Planning & Action Guide for each Leader.
  • HR, Ratees and Raters have total access to our free help desk
  • Customization of Questions / Competencies: We change up to five 360º questions free. Our costs for further customization are very reasonable.
  • Only Full Money-Back-Guarantee for a 360º assessment


Note: We can offer such low cost due to our state of the art software.

INSIGHTMirror 360 uses The State-Of-The-Art-360-Software (Server) to automatically do almost all of the “Administration Work” Associated with 360s. Our Server adds speed, accuracy, and simplicity to every step of the 360º process. This translates into worry free, lower administrative effort, instantaneous turnaround time, and easier to understand feedback reports.