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Cost: We are one of the very few 360s that publish our prices on the web!

INSIGHTMirror is the most reasonably priced feature-rich 360 assessment we are aware of.” -Training News

Quantity                                                         Price Per Item
1 – 4                                                                 $99.00
5 – 99                                                              $85.00
100 – 499                                                       $70.00
500 – 100                                                       $60.00
• No licensing fees or hidden charges.
• Each Ratee (Leader) can invite as many Raters as they wish at no extra charge.
• Our “Help Desk” is free to Administrators, Ratees and Raters.
• Low Cost for Customization of Questions and or Competencies:
– Example, we will replace five questions with your own handpicked questions at no charge.

Since 2002, INSIGHTMirror 360s has been used by over 400 organizations
through out the world and by over 60,000 leaders.