Exclusive Features

  • Dynamic Norms: Organization may continually develop its own norms for each assessment question using its own database.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Only 360º guarantee we know of!
  • Automatically send emails – Raters and Ratees are automatically sent reminder emails every 3 days until they complete the assessment or have reached a total of 5 emails.
  • Customize Norms: Client can develop norms for each question from their own database; as opposed to using the INSIGHTMirror 360 global database. 
  • Real Time Summary Report: Allows client to instantaneously know whether Ratee/Leader invited at least enough Raters to attain a truly meaningful 360 Feedback Report. Click here for a sample.
  • Our award winning Action Guide enabling Leaders in making real behavioral changes as suggested by their INSIGHTMirror 360 Feedback Report.