Product Overview

Key Features of all INSIGHTMirror 360 Assessments

  • User friendly for Administrators: Client can tailor questions, decide whether Ratee can generate report when all Rater assessments are collected, determine how many day to allot for the 360 cycle, and much more.
  • Our Documents Make Sense at First Glance: Full color tables, graphs and charts remarkably easy to understand.
  • Easy to customize: You can customize 5 questions for free. Reasonable costs for more extensive customization.
  • Low cost for this exceptional product with NO hidden costs.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee: Only 360º full money back guarantee in the entire assessment community! See our no-nonsense guarantee in our links section.
  • Ease of Tracking whether Raters are Completing Assessments : Ratee and administrator can view how many days are left to invite raters. Automatic Ratee reminders are sent every other day.
  • Confidentiality/Security : Raters and Administrators have their own encrypted username and password to access to their home page.
  • Dynamic Norms : Organization can continually develop its own norms for each 360° question using its own database.
  • Written Comments : 12 comment areas enriching numerical feedback scores. Raters are shown how to make comments specific, meaningful, and written in a sensitive manner. Raters are even encouraged to include ‘kudos.’
  • Each Ratee can invite as many Raters (people to assess leader) as they wish for no additional cost.
  • Our “Help Desk” is free. Average response time is 5 hours. Of course we can are often reached directly by phone.

Our Mission is to help leaders focus on their strengths for exceptional performance, while also giving leaders proven strategies to improve upon their most relevant weaknesses.

  • Research emerging from Marcus Buckingham’s preeminent Gallup Research Study clearly shows that outstanding leaders focus mostly on their strengths and not on overcoming weaknesses (like the vast majority of us do).
  • Our 360 Feedback Report highlights both leader’s weaknesses and strengths unlike most 360’s that just play lip service to working with people’s strengths. Of course you have to deal with weaknesses! If you don’t manage the weeds, you will soon be left with a once beautiful garden now left in decline.
  • Our 40 page Leader Feedback Report AND award winning Action Guide assist Leaders to identify, broaden, and help both themselves and co-workers to capitalize on strengths. Of course, working with leader’s weaknesses is also a vital part of our 38 page Action Guide.

From Marcus Buckingham: “INSIGHTMirror 360 is the only 360 Assessment and Action Guide I have seen that captures The Strength Revolution. … I wish you success with your exceptional product.”