Client Testimonials

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“Bob (Bookman, CEO, INSIGHTMirror), you certainly have the ONLY 360 Assessment and Action Planning Guide I have seen that captures what I’m calling ‘The Strength Revolution.’ I would like to help you sell your INSIGHTMirror 360 because it is so in line with my work, and it’s beautifully put together. Although I do give companies or products my official endorsement I will say this about your two 360s. You have two great assessments, and a very original and useful Action and Planning Guide. I want you to stay in touch with my assistant, Kevin Small. Good luck with your exceptional product.”
• Marcus Buckingham • Author: Now Know Your Strengths • Renowned Researcher on: The importance of working with your strengths to achieve optimum performance.

“The technology for customizing, administering, and special features like setting norms solely for our company was the best we have seen. INSIGHTMirror’s emphasis on working primarily with people’s strengths is consistent with the latest research, and was artfully integrated into your 360.”
• Senior H.R. Consultant • Dayton Superior Construction Co.

“The INSIGHTMirror 360 worked like a champ! The administration process was very smooth (no mean feat, given the various government agencies we serve); and the feedback reports really “spoke” to the participants – it opened their eyes and got them excited about making positive changes in their life. I’ve used a lot of 360 instruments, and this was clearly the most user-friendly and helpful.”
• Institute for Public Service • University of Tennessee • Director of Leadership Dev.

“Considering the fact that my organization is populated with incredibly bright, and independent people who are a bit cynical about the soft sciences, your work through the INSIGHTMirror 360 represents a significant step in our leadership development program. We plan to keep on using it.”
• President, Information Sciences Group • Plexus Scientific Corp.

“I have the highest regard for the customized on-line INSIGHTMirror 360° your firm developed. We have seen significant results in improving organizational effectiveness and leadership by our use of the INSIGHTMirror 360°.”
• Director of Science & Technology • Joint Warfare Analysis Center

“The INSIGHTMirror 360 impressed us as ‘the Rolls Royce of 360 assessments at Honda Prices.’ … We were quite impressed by the ease to customize the assessment, and how easy it is for Administrators and Users to navigate through this on-line tool.
• Review by Ron Rago, Government Training News

“Looking through the INSIGHTMirror 360 shows the value of your own personal experience dealing with leadership development in the business environment. It is easy to use, outstanding questions, and very affordable, –noticeably better on all three counts than other 360 instruments we’ve tried in the past.”
• Vice President Operations • Atlantic Electric Supply Corp